We are blessed to have the experience and skills of many community members who volunteer their time and energy to make this vision come to life! Read on to learn about some of our core crew.

Isabelle LeMieux has been working in Round Valley for ten years. She has worked for several local educational programs teaching cooking and gardening to children. She was the manager of the original Farmer’s Market Coffee Shop. In addition to acting as the Building Manager for the Round Valley Library Commons she also served on the Board of Directors. She is Founder and Co-Director of The Good Life Catering and Preserves, a company designed to create local food security through the purchase and processing of local produce. Her dream is to support our community’s healthy choices and access to whole foods.

Lorraine Arndt has a long history of working with cooperative organizations internationally. In Germany, she was a founding member of a cooperatively run manufacturing facility. In Spain, she participated in the governance of the independent cooperative village of Matavenero. Since then her family has relocated to Round Valley and has been devoted to enriching the community through the cooperative model. She is one of the original founders of The Village Hearth.

Rainbow Ganges is working on our accounting and has taken our financial records and processes to the next level. Rainbow has decades of experience in business management and we are so grateful for her guiding hand!

Monelle Riley is The Village Hearth’s Ayurvedic health counselor. Ayurveda “the science of life” is a 5,000 year old system of medicine originating from the Indian subcontinent. Monelle offers pulse, face, and tongue assessments by appointment. An assessments is followed by herbal and nutritional recommendations as well as Ayurvedic body work to enhance your health.

Management Team

Vashti O’Donnell is one of the original founding members of The Hearth. Vashti lends her gifted eye for design to our marketing teams and creates meany of our seasonal decorations.

Katie Newman leads the creation and management of our garden and landscaping. She and Noah also donated The Yurt and Katie manages the promotion of the lovely resource for our community.

Uma Hinman donates and manages our website.